May 07, 2007

What a Difference Daddy makes!!

Aaaah, we have had a wonderful weekend! Thursday night we went to Chattanooga and met Robert at a hotel. Friday we took the kids (with Candace, David, Hannah, Emily, and Caleb) to the "Day Out With Thomas" at the Tennessee Valley Railroad. We came home Friday afternoon after that and have had a great weekend together since then.

We are rounding down the "to do" list on the house, so we've had a little breathing room this weekend. Robert has spent many hours just playing with the kids. He and Jacob have wrestled many hours. He and Mattie have sung and danced about as many! There has been much giggling in the house this weekend and it's been delightful! Jacob is remarkably happier and his attitude has been SOOOOOO much better than the past few weeks! Aaaah, what a sweet relief that has been!

And an extra blessing from the Lord...Robert gets to work in town this week, so we get ten days with him before he has to return to Georgia! We are all thoroughly enjoying this and praying that the company will bring his crew back to work in Morristown soon.

I am so thankful to be married to a guy who loves us so much and loves being home with us!


Matt said...
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Matt said...

Praise God. That's great! Enjoy the time together.

Mom said...

Enjoy the time while you can! I'm glad for all of you! I know it blesses Robert as much as you 3 when he's home more - that's as it should be!