August 05, 2010

Mattie's Exciting Decision!

Mattie prayed to ask Jesus to be her savior today!  

We were talking about it all at breakfast and she said, "I already believe all those things.  I know I do wrong things - that's called sins - and need someone to save me so I can spend forever in Heaven with Jesus.  How do I do that?"  So we talked about that and then prayed together.  She doesn't understand the magnitude of her decision, but I'm not sure I even understand the magnitude of it all.

When Jacob prayed "for a new heart," he was five.  I didn't celebrate it or make a big deal about it because I wanted to wait and see if he really got it, if it was real.  I have been sad since that day that I handled it that way.  Because I was waiting it out, I didn't write down the specific date.  I didn't make it a big deal.  I didn't have a special dinner or write it in his baby book.  I have tried to figure out the date as best I could, but all I know is that it was during the Spring when he was five.  And I was determined I would not do that with Mattie.  I think she has believed to her greatest ability, and that's all Jesus asks for.

So today I get to rejoice that both of our children will be praising Jesus in Heaven with us!

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Kjirstin C said...

I'm tearing up as I read this, and it's not even the first time!! What a joy to know that both of your children will be in Heaven with you - I hope and pray for that for all of ours one day. Thank you for the encouragement about making it a big deal, definitely something I can see waiting for some kind of "proof".