September 19, 2010

Florida 2010

We once again thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Florida.  This is a trip we've done every year with my parents and sister for 6 years now, but Robert joined us for the first time this year!  We had a great time, and it was fun to have him along to experience all we've talked about for so long.

We intended to go home by way of Pensacola to visit Robert's grandparents for the weekend, but a few days into the trip, his grandfather passed away after a long illness.  We were sad to see him go, but did enjoy all the family we got to see (I was meeting some for the first time!) for the funeral. We also had to stay in a beach condo (instead of at his grandparents' house like we were planning) so we got a couple of extra days on the beach we weren't expecting!  Pensacola Beach is so beautiful! 

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the water this year, pool and gulf!  They swam like champs, and Mattie took a beating in the waves, getting up and heading right back out every time. Guess that's why she ended up with a bad case of Swimmer's Ear.  Jacob was not so adventurous, but was fine as long as he had his goggles on.  Lol!

Here are some photos of our trip.  When you get to the alien house, check out the little guy at the door!


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. Beautiful family. Awesome God!

Kjirstin C said...

Ahh, it was such a fun trip!!! So fun to spend so much time with you!

Anonymous said...

Such great photos, and I want to print some for myself....maybe we can talk about that in NJ....? LY

Rachel said...

Wow, wish I would have known. We were just there at the same time as you for our vacation! What a small world. My niece and her husband live in Pensacola but we stayed with my sister and family in Niceville and visited the beaches in Destin a lot. It's such a beautiful place. We loved going out on my bil's boat too. It's always hard for me to come home when I have to!

Rachel from FIAR