April 11, 2012


My miracle is TEN years old today! 
This boy made me a mama all those years ago.  I longed for him, and he filled my empty arms.  Little did I know, he'd be the only miracle to grace my womb.

When we got to bring him home after eight long days in the NICU, I wanted to keep him all to myself.  I didn't want to share!  We had worked hard and waited 2 1/2 years for him.  Adding those eight additional days was not easy for this hormonal mama!

Jacob has always been very serious and a heavy thinker.  His wheels started spinning the day he was born, and I don't believed they've ever rested!  As soon as he could crawl, he spent more time at his book basket than any other toys.  He went through a stage with a strong bent toward all things Thomas, but his love for books remains.  I often find him out in the sunshine reading a book.  That love for books has translated into a talent for writing as well, though he wouldn't say yet that he loves it.  When he's not reading a joke book, mystery, or humorous novel, he's building with Legos.  Like most ten year old boys, he would be playing wii at any given time of the day if we'd let him!  He survives with the limited time he's allowed.

Jacob loves to laugh!  He loves to tell jokes, loves to watch silliness on tv or on youtube, and loves to add humor to his school assignments.  The sweetest thing I watch him do with his humor is pull out all the silly stops to make Mattie laugh when she's upset.  He has a tender heart toward others who are hurting and is quick to do what he can to help them.

It has not escaped me recently that this boy who challenges me has completed over half of his growing up years already.  How is that possible?  
He wants to be like his daddy and needs him more than he needs me now.  He is trustworthy when it matters.  He has a sensitive heart that helps keep him on the right road.  He already has a strong worldview that is rooted in Truth.

I pray that these feet will walk roads that change lives and point people toward the God who created them.
Thank you, Jesus, for these little boy feet you gave me ten years ago!  Thank you for all the challenges, joys, and tears you've given me with him.  Thank you that I've had to allow You to mold me to be a better mama.  This boy has pushed me toward You as I've desired to do my best for him.  
Thank you for giving us this one miracle!  He is one in a million!


Jennifer M. said...

Absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

Gramma Linda said...

Great job Liss - both the mama-ing and the telling of who Jacob is.

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! What a beautiful post!!!