March 06, 2007


Well, since we got Mattie, I have struggled to fit an exercise schedule in. It was hard to walk with a baby through the winter. Then summer came and it was hard to get a walk in outside at the dam before Mattie's first nap, and after that it was way too hot! Plus Jacob wasn't quite ready to keep up with me to walk fast enough. I finally just gave up on walking, though I LOVE to do it! For my birthday (my idea, not Robert's), I got a rowing machine. I loved the rowing machine I used in college! I was so excited to be able to exercise faithfully and get back in shape, not to mention sleep better, feel better, and be generally happier. Then Mattie started crawling, and we started finishing up the basement ourselves, then we moved Bob & Peggy down and us down. Then I started homeschooling kindergarten. Then Mattie gave up her second nap (grrrrrrr) way too early if you ask me! So, how many times have I been able to use this rowing machine since September?? Less than 10!

Well, since I won't stop eating chocolate, and I'm gaining a little bit each month (hey, it ALL adds up if it stays on!) I HAVE to find a way to fit in exercising!! This morning I decided to try something and it worked pretty well. I put Mattie in her highchair in front of Barney to eat her breakfast, and I rowed then. I got in 15 minutes, and could have done more if my muscles would have cooperated! So, I think I'm going to try this as a routine for a couple of weeks...until I got to NJ for 10 days and completely lose my momentum, that is. It will mean starting our morning routine later than I'd like, and rowing to Barney instead of Ellen, but I guess you win some, you lose some. My favorite jeans will thank me!

And this wouldn't be complete without sharing how utterly exhausted my legs are right now!

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Matt said...

Good for you, Liss. I'm proud of you...not like you need to lose weight, though. I tell ya' what...I'll watch Mattie sleep while you're up here so you can go walk.'s need to thank me.