March 22, 2007

Our plane flight

Well, we've had a couple of interesting experiences in the past few days! On Monday, the kids and I flew to New Jersey to visit my family. It was a good flight once we finally got going, but it took us awhile. We got to the airport to find a 1 hour delay. I went ahead and got the kids through security since it wasn't too much longer to wait. Taking all three pairs of shoes off, putting all three carry-on bags through the machine, removing any lotion bottles from the bags, taking off my belt and watch, and folding up the stroller, all while hoping Mattie doesn't run away was quite a feat! And all this with fifty people waiting behind me in line!! So, we made it through there and got to our gate. Jacob and Mattie were having a good time running around in the airport, though Jacob was VERY excited and impatient about getting on the plane!! So, we're supposed to be boarding in 15 minutes and they announce it will be another hour. Ugh. And that doesn't go over too well with the impatient four year old! So, we pulled out the entertainment intended for the airplane ride and turned on a Thomas movie for Jacob and got Matie a pencil and paper. We finally get to board, only to find out we can't take off for thirty more minutes! Argh... the only thing worse than sitting in a terminal is sitting on a very small airplane with two small children!!! By this point, it was 3:30 and Mattie had not napped! Needless to say, keeping her happy was quite a chore. Anyway, we finally took off and Mattie finally fell asleep, for a few minutes anyway. It was a good flight, all things considered. Jacob absolutely loved the flight!! We finally pulled in at my sister's house at 8:30 that night with two very tired children!

Mattie has done well with all the new people, but was a bit shellshocked at first. Every time she woke up, a new person was here to love on her. Both kids have had a great time so far.

I need to go school the boys, but I'll write about our skiing day later!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I was hoping you'd blog from up there! :) So glad you all made it and are having fun! We miss you down here! Hannah asked the other day what fun things we were going to do with Jacob...and I had to tell her it would be awhile before we saw you guys again!! Tell Jacob that the girls miss him! :)