May 30, 2008

Family Fishing Day

Robert got a wild hair last Sunday and decided maybe it would be fun to take us along to his "honey hole." This probably doesn't seem like any big deal, but it's not a lake where we just jump off the side of the road, park, and get out. It's a river with a changing water level controlled by our TVA dam, way back on our friends' cousin's property. Talk about over the river and through the woods? Yeah, that's about right!

So anyway, we loaded up and went along. We drove through the cattle fields as far as we could, and then parked and walked through the last field. Jacob was none too happy about this, as the grass was taller than he was! Then Robert tied a rope for us and we climbed down to the river bank where we walked along the edge for a couple hundred yards, maybe. We settled at this nice little spot of sand surrounded by trees. We had some shade and the water was about 8 inches deep for a very long ways in front of us, so it was perfect for the kids to play in! And as a bonus, it was like a butterfly garden! There were butterflies all around us the whole time we were there!

Mattie, of course, was in heaven with dirt and water all around her! She kept smearing the sand on and then rinsing off. She was quite exfoliated by the time the day was over, I'm sure!

Jacob enjoyed it too, but next time we'll take a couple of dump trucks. It was a shame to have all the nice sand and water with no trucks to enjoy it.

Robert and Jacob headed off to fish a bit.

Catch #1

My man with catch #3 (Catch #2 got to live.)

We decided to take these home and eat them so Jacob could see it all from start to finish. I took the camera out when Robert was cleaning them to take some pictures, but got all involved of finding the body parts (can't help but make it a school lesson!) that I forgot to take pictures. Not that you were really hoping for fish intestine pictures anyway, I suppose.

Robert grilled the fish, I tasted it (the grown up thing to do when one hates fish but doesn't want to spoil their children's possibility), and Jacob ate quite a bit!

This was a great family outing! Nice and relaxing, the kids were happy, and it was free! :) We'll definitely do this more this summer.

The people I live for every day.


Linda said...

What a fun day! And I'm proud of you for trying the fish! Did Mattie eat any??? I would have liked the fish parts pictures, but I'm sure that not everyone would have....discretion is the better part of valor! I'm so glad you shared your day with us!

and I'm waiting for a picture of Mattie's new outfit....:^)


Valerie said...

That looks so fun!

Linda said...

This is your dad, Lissa. Looks like a great day of adventure, Crabtrees. Reminds me a bit of the day in Alaska when your mom, Kjirstin and I went for a walk by a kind-of slow stream...and Kjirstin slid down the bank into a reed patch...head first. Yes, she owes us one, since she couldn't get out!

Liss, I must compliment you on increasing your photo skills. I'm proud of ya. Great shots!

Kjirstin C said...

That looks like so much fun! And this is the first time I've seen Mattie in that swim suit - it's SO adorable! :) I love that last picture of all of them, how sweet.