May 27, 2008

Who needs a spelling program??

I was wondering a few months ago if Jacob was needing to begin some sort of spelling, though I had no interest in starting a program as he doesn't really like to write. But with his higher reading level, he seemed very out of balance. Anyway, I didn't do anything except buy him this Buzby (Max Lucado) movie for 5 bucks for Christmas. Buzby spells at least one word in every sentence, and it's actually quite annoying. But this is a bit of what I've heard lately:

"I'd like cashew butter and honey, C A S H E W."
"M O M! Where are you?"
"I'm sorry. S O R R Y."
"Mattie, be quiet! Q U I E T! QUIET!"

I love it when we can do without a textbook! I guess he's not so out of balance after all!

1 comment:

Kjirstin C said...

I love this! I heard him do it a few times and wondered where it started - how fun!