December 19, 2008

Fear Not!

This is one of our favorite Christmas books. It's written by Joyce Dunbar and illustrated by Gary Blythe. The story is a "This is the house that Jack Built" kind of story. But what makes it my favorite is the illustrating. The pictures are very realistic, unlike a lot of other Christmas literature we have. I don't know if this one below is realistic because it's left to our imaginations in scripture, but I imagine it's close.

This is my favorite picture in the entire book. Jacob saw this and immediately said, "Wow. That's why they were scared!" Now that you've noticed the beautiful glory of the angel, look in the bottom left corner and notice the shepherds... in the dead of night creating shadows as if it was noon... running. Wow!

And then I consider if this is something like the angel's appearance, how Moses felt when God appeared in His full glory.


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