December 22, 2008

Jacob's First Lost Tooth and Sweetness

Here's the happy guy Saturday night before it fell out. He was working on getting it out as it would come completely forward, but still needed to loosen up a bit going back. We tried to pull it out but he was nervous, so we quit. Then he was so sad about it! We asked him why he was crying and he said because he wouldn't have any money to buy his cousins Christmas presents!

Then this morning at 5 AM he comes in and whispers, "Daddy! My tooth fell out!!" He insists he didn't do it, but it was neatly placed on his headboard bookshelf, so he must have just taken care of it all in his sleep! So tonight I guess we'll be trading a tooth for some cash... and he says tomorrow we have to go to the store so he can buy presents for two of the youngest cousins we'll see this week for Christmas!

He also got this huge chocolate bar form his Sunday School teachers and wants to share a chunk of it with each of his cousins we'll see this week. He has a very giving heart when it comes to things like that that I know is pleasing to God!

And this has not a thing to do with Jacob, but Mattie and I spent the day on the couch together yesterday. We were supposed to do her dedication, but she threw up right after she got all ready for church. I've never watched Little Einsteins so much in my life! She wanted to be sure to have her baby to take care of.

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clinton-family said...

YAY Jacob! Congrats! How much is the tooth fairy giving these days? I need to know these things when that day comes sooner rather than later for Cam! Although by then, maybe it will be at an even higher exchange rate!

Feel better Mattie!