March 21, 2009

Spiderman has moved in!

This is what Jacob wears regularly now, pretty much every day, actually! It's so too small it's obscene! He was so excited about his "Web Blaster" he made out of Kid K'nex, and he wanted me to put in on my blog to show Aunt Candace. I guess he thinks she's the one who reads it. :)

I think I can tell the little boy is just plain ole' growing up. He's tiring of his Thomas stuff and wanting to fight, shoot, and attack all day long. I know there will be days where he still wants to play with Thomas, but for the most part, superheroes are what it's all about for now. He has a birthday coming up and said, "All I want for my birthday is Spider man, Spider man, Spider man. Nothing else." Lol!

I have to say he reminds me sooooooooo much of my brother, Matt, some days! (This can bring mixed emotions when I remember my childhood with him!) Often times I'll glance at Jacob and see Matt looking back at me. I notice this most often when Jacob is across the yard in the sandbox, when he's hot and sweaty, and especially when he squints in the sun.

Then I see Matt's personality in Jacob when Jacob asks, "What's so fun about that?" I don't remember Matt using that exact phrase, but I do remember about Matt that all he ever wanted to do was play, play, play! Jacob just wants to have fun and not be interrupted to do anything else.

And this week in particular I've been reminded of Matt constantly as Jacob is correcting his lisp. Matt had a lisp and anyone in our family will remember him doing his exercises when he was this age (and not being very happy about it!!). So I've been encouraging Jacob off and on recently to be working on it, especially since Christmas. Well, this week he's just decided to focus on it really hard and is getting it right almost all the time now! He's just working so hard at it and I'm very proud of him! (Not to mention very thankful that we've been able to correct it on our own without speech therapy!)

And the last place I see Matt in Jacob... ummmm, when he antagonizes Mattie. He walks by and picks just to pick, hits her just to hit, gets her to chase him, then runs away and slams the door in her face just to make her scream at him! It's so irritating! (I will say, however, that Mattie has a mean streak about her and gets Jacob back in a totally different way, no bones about it!)

Just in case anyone wonders, now that Matt and I are grown we love each other dearly! Even though he can still make my blood boil in half a second flat when he grabs my ankles as I walk up the stairs...

I didn't really mean for this post to be about Matt, but I do have one really funny story... One day Jacob and I were in WalMart and Jacob said, "Look Mommy! It's Uncle Matt!" He was insistent even though I knew Uncle Matt was in New Jersey where he lived. I finally said, "Where's Uncle Matt?" Jacob pointed him out... the model on the Hanes underwear package!! Ha! I told Matt at least he thought he picked a good looking guy to think it was him.

Edited... I had to add one more way Jacob is reminding me of Matt as a little boy. He's whistling non-stop!! Anyone in our family will remember this, but when Matt learned to whistle he did it constantly, incessantly, without ceasing... you get the picture! And that's exactly what Jacob is doing now. I even hear him whistling when he gets up to go potty in the middle of the night! The funny part is that at first the only sound he could make was the one you'd imagine when you picture a guy looking at a good looking girl, sorry for that example. You probably know exactly what I'm talking about. Obviously that wasn't Jacob's thought, it was all he knew, but we did get some funny looks more than once at first!!


Anonymous said...

how sweet! I can't wait to see Jacob SOON!!! Love you - Jeni

Anonymous said...

That is so cute!! And tell Jacob I love his contraption that he built. LOL!! And it is funny because just in the last 2-3 months Caleb has gone CRAZY over superheros!! That is all he is interested in at the moment as well!

(and as a complete side note, I love your background...I used that one for about a month in January, LOL!!)


Linda said...

Such fun reminiscing - and updating - at the same time! So what does this new love do to b'day ideas?

LY all - mom

Matt said...

okay, this is bad, but when I read this my sinful nature said (BUT ONLY FOR LIKE LESS THAN HALF A SECOND), "oh, I'll get her ankles again when she's going up the stairs." But I didn't know it made your blood boil, Liss. ouch...okay, I'll be nice now that I'm all grow'd up :-P're too cute in your Spider Man outfit! I can't wait to see you next!!

And I've got a little lisping trick for ya' too if you don't get it in therapy...had to cheat my way out.

I'm cracking b/c I can just picture (well, not picture, but) you and Robert in bed giggling when you hear Jacob up at night making that whistling noise...hahahaha

Leslie said...

This post is so funny! I love the stories.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad to hear that my kid isnt the only one who wants to play and never work!


Adorable pictures, BTW.