May 02, 2009

My Progress

I figured I'd sit down here and procrastinate awhile. Make yourself a warm cup of coffee and join me!

After I wrote on Thursday I headed upstairs to go through all of the baby things. As odd as is may sound, it's a bit of letting go of a dream, I think, for me. It has nothing to do with wondering if we can afford to buy it again should the need arise. But more like, "Why should I get rid of it if this month might be the one??" But it's where I am right now, and some days it's hard to be here.

But here I am, and I have some things to do. We have the storage here, so it's been fine to just leave it up there in closets, but in our new house, there's isn't as much extra space. And baby paraphernalia is so bulky! So I went upstairs Thursday morning resolved to make some decisions... and I did it all without crying!! On the FIAR board, several people suggested I just go through and pass on the stuff that I'm not emotionally attached to. Rather than push myself to do it because I "should," I can just do it a little bit at a time. There's no reason it all has to be gone by next week!

I took a few big toys to the consignments store and got some cash! And I took my infant car seat, maternity clothes (except a short stack favorites), and crib bumper set to our local crisis pregnancy center. I do still have a bucket of linens and lots of clothes, but I can only do so much going through before we move, so that stuff will have to wait. (The boy clothes are being used by nephews, and there may be a niece here soon to use the pink stuff!) But it does feel good to have let some of it go.

So I'm headed upstairs to pack more stuff today. Robert just took a trailer of stuff to the dump, and our garage is very clean!

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