August 30, 2009

Can 3 year olds join the NRA??

Robert has wanted to take Jacob shooting for awhile, so he went today and Mattie and I tagged along. I'm not so sure Robert was very excited about that, but he probably felt like he couldn't tell me no. But I think his girls surprised him...

We started off with some gun education.

Jacob started us off and did a good job. We realized after a few minutes he really didn't understand an integral part of aiming, so after Robert and I rephrased that a few different ways he did so much better! Poor kid! He didn't even realize he didn't understand so he didn't know to tell us.

Jacob learned how to load the 22.

Then I took a stab with Robert's handgun. (This was his gift from me for our first Christmas. :) Aren't I a good wife?)

Don't break in our house at night. Especially if I have to be the one to take care of you.

I figured while I was there I ought to shoot 'em all! I've shot all of these before, but it's been a loooooooooong time.

That's my man. He shot a few Bonanza style to impress Jacob. :)

Glad to know he can protect us!

That's the shell flying over his head. :) As I look at this I see he's so much better than I am at holding the gun still after the shot!

And last but not at all least... I don't know why I am ever surprised by this little spitfire!

I certainly would not want to be anywhere near that line of fire, but she sure enjoyed pulling the trigger!

The very determined little girl. Aren't you proud, Uncle Peter??

I know all you New Jersey people with no rights wish you lived here!!! Come on down and shoot with us!

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