August 19, 2009

I have to brag on my man

Last week while the kids and I were in sunny Florida enjoying the sunshine, Robert was here working tirelessly. I came home and found all of this done:

Repaired the hinges and re hung the door on an antique cabinet
Installed a ceiling fan in our bedroom!
Installed new light fixtures in both kids' bedrooms
Rewired all of our badly done cable in the house
Replaced a toilet that had a badly cracked bowl
Planned on installing a pedestal sink and ended up tearing tile off the lower four feet of that entire bathroom instead
Set up his weight bench
Installed a water softener (Three cheers for this one!!!)

And all this after work each day. What a guy!


Linda said...

Go Robert! Go Robert!

I don't know how to write that with the emphasis I want it to have - you know, the current sounds of encouragement we hear around these days.

Anyway, Go Robert!

LY all - MOM

Kjirstin C said...

Way to go Robert!