September 15, 2009

A silly little thing

Can I just say what a delightful little addition this laundry sorter has been to our home life?

For 5 years or more I've had a sorter with 3 bins.

But I separate my laundry into 4 loads. So for a very long time I've had some random container under or around the 3 bin sorter holding the extra load. (Notice the brown basket to the right?) To say it's been annoying is an understatement. So I splurged and bought one that has enough sections to do what I need. It fits perfectly into a little spot in our bathroom. And the best part??? The kids and Robert sort the clothes as we deposit them!

We separate into four loads... whites/undies (which I actually wash in two separate loads but they're smaller so they fit together in the bag), lights, darks and Robert's stuff. (His is bigger, dirtier, and usually smellier :) so it gets its own load. Jacob likes getting his in the right spot and is doing a great job! Then when a bag is full, it's the perfect load size for my washer. I just carry it downstairs (much easier to carry than a basket that doesn't fit through doorways well) and it's ready to start!

A very well spent $30! Might I recommend it? (Online it says it's more than $50... in the store it's cheaper.)


Dan and Marcy said...

Shirley taught me the presorting trick a few years ago -it's amazing how much time it saves! You are so tricky!

xo - M

Kjirstin C said...

I can't wait to have a space to do this in one day!!

Lora said...

I love organization! We have room here for two baskets - lights and darks and somedays, I have to laugh because *one* teen, I believe, has trouble reading - ha! How neat that you can carry your new organizer easily down the stairs and that it is just the right size for a load.