October 02, 2009

I'm on TV!

Remember last year after Joni and Friends camp when I told you about the film crew that followed me? (It was Labor Day weekend, 2008.) Well, they finished up the tv episode and I got a copy of it this week. It was so fun to watch!

I have to say I definitely want you to go watch it. Because it's so hard to explain 5 days of fun, joy, excitement, exhaustion, victory, bonding, friendship..."little slice of heaven" in just a few paragraphs and now I have 28 minutes of live explanation! It's just such a great picture of how worthwhile it is to go to a Family Retreat, for volunteers and people affected by disability!

So please go watch it and show your friends! If you are not affected by disability, there is definitely a way you can serve at a family retreat, no matter who you are. If you are affected by disability in some way, you can attend this life changing event! There are family retreats all over the country from June to September, so there should be one available that you can get to. Please consider it! It will change your life for the better, I guarantee it.

Here is a direct link to the episode if you're interested!

(Here are my first and second posts with pics from the week this was filmed.)


Linda said...

OK - I think I've stopped blubbering long enough to tell you how amazing you are. How we've (dad and I) have always known that God spared you at age 3 for something special. How the first clue came when you babysat for Lesley at age 11 - confidently!
I loved the video, loved seeing you do what you love so much, and am so proud to call you my daughter!
I can't wait to show this to a couple at church with a 19yr old special needs son - who was just baptised in our pool! I'd love to see them have a chance to go. (And finally, scary as it is, I have this strange feeling I might like to go along as a trainee....maybe a cook or bottle washer? wish I could have written that in a smaller font - much smaller!) Could just be the emotion of the moment, but we'll see - I'll be praying on it.

Kjirstin C said...

Lissa - it is so amazing to see how God was able to use you that weekend in this girl's life! I'm with Mom on the blubbering part too ;) Not to mention it's just pretty cool to see my sister on tv!

Thank you for being willing to be used by God, out of your comfort zone, to make a difference in Katherine and her mom's life, and to be such an example for the rest of us. Love you.