October 16, 2009

I LOVE my Janome!

This was my birthday present from my mom and dad and I. Love. It.

I learned to sew on my mom's Bernina, which unbeknownst to me, spoiled me a bit. Then I inherited my gramma's Singer which was tolerable at best. But I also inherited her serger, so I survived the sewing machine when I had to have it and used the serger as much as possible. And while I really enjoy sewing, having a strong dislike for my sewing machine made me avoid it like the plague.

Thankfully, my gramma's sewing machine recently bit the dust. I'm only saying thankfully because that meant I could request or buy a new one guilt free! :) I needed it quickly, because I had a nephew on the way who needed this blanket and some burp rags!

So I (shamelessly) asked my mom if an offer from last November was still open. Being a (much more skilled) seamstress herself, she and my dad were happy to indulge me! I had this one ordered by that afternoon. I had never heard of Janome, but found out they are actually made by Bernina!

I have to say, it is a great machine. It is heavy enough to not bounce all over the table, stitches tightly, has quite a few decorative stitches, has a bobbin that works!, is easy to work with and was a great price. I've made several curtains, a set of burp rags and a blanket in the two months since I got it and I have not one complaint.

Having 2 completed curtain projects behind me without a hitch definitely fulfills the simple pleasure category for the week!

Thanks, Mom and Dad!!


Kelly said...

I am not sure I've commented on your blog before...but we went to Christ UMC in Frederick for a breif time together. ANYWAY.
I love reading your entries and this is one topic I LOVE!! Sewing is something I fell in love with a couple years ago, but I have a machine that is not fitting the bill and I am finding myself avoiding it like the plague (I also knit, so I'm ok..kinda). ANYWAY, I have been searching for a new machine and I am intrigued by your machine. Do you think it would quilt with any issues?? Mine does NOT like all those layers and quilting is my BIG love. Yeah, so, all that to ask if you think your machine will quilt? Thanks!

Linda said...

You are SO welcome. I knew you'd !it completely and find out all we needed to know. I had NO idea it was made by Bernina....I may have to look at one for myself if/when (bite my tongue)mine dies! And for when she' s ready....though I'm not holding my breath there! LY MOM