October 18, 2009

This Week's Simple Pleasures...

Robert picking the chicken meat off the bones for me.

Listening to Jacob laugh himself to tears watching Funniest Home Videos.

Getting all of my curtains made (on my great sewing machine) and hung!

Snuggling Mattie to sleep at 10AM one of the days she had the flu.

Reading the original Jungle Book with Jacob. We are both loving it!

Thoroughly enjoying Jacob again as he's been back to his happy self this week after several weeks of food reactions. Boy, did I miss him!

Enjoying DIRECT sunshine in my windows as the leaves are falling off the trees!

A GREAT night at the pumpkin patch/corn maze with my Sunday School class and their families. That group has totally turned into my "small group." I love every one of those parents.

Making a few picture collages to hang in a couple of rooms... making the home feel like it's ours!

Getting all of our wallpaper torn off in the stairwell and downstairs entry.

Fully understanding Jacob's utter satisfaction and joy at having curtains hung and pictures on his bedroom wall. :) It's definitely a way to make him feel loved.

Getting awakened by Jacob at 5:15 AM so he could tell me there's a misprint in Encyclopedia Brown.

Having the best week I've had in a looooooong time.

The sweetest of all... hearing Robert say he thinks he felt "normal" a couple of days this week.

Robert and I found her like this today. You know she's sick when she falls asleep in the middle of the day... twice.

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