October 05, 2009

Random weekend thoughts

We've had quite a hard weekend as Jacob has been having a (behavioral and physical) food reaction, the likes of which we've not seen in quite some time! And as always, he ate the offending food three times before it occurred to me that's what it was. Hopefully today we'll see some improvement! He seems to be better, though not back to his happy self yet.

But in trying to focus on joy we've had some sweet things around here this weekend as well...

We went on a bike ride in the beautiful fall weather. Mattie rode her own bike for the first time with us, so she felt like quite a big girl (and was quite tired)!

I finally found a quilt for Jacob's bed that he's really excited about! He loves bright colors and has seen how much fun we've had decorating Mattie's room while his walls are still bare (though bright red), but I knew the second I saw this one that he'd love it! And I'll be able to make the valance from the dust ruffle I won't need, so it won't cost me any more than it would have had I bought it all separately. And we'll hang on the walls the train pictures we had in his other room. It's been hard to find bright colors in something that still looks boyish, but I think this one is perfect!

We've been sleeping with the window open in our room lately, and last night we got to sleep to the sound of the rain outside. I've enjoyed the crickets too. It's like camping but in the comfort of my own cozy bed!

We had a great Sunday School class yesterday! Two little boys we hadn't seen in awhile came back and it was great to see them. (They have behavior challenges, and that's always my favorite kind of special need so it's extra fun for me.) And I let Jacob stay with me instead of going to his own class, and he was a great helper! He was a leader in the ways I needed him to be, and it gave us a positive opportunity in the midst of the struggles.


I do feel like there is a heaviness here that won't seem to lift, especially through the hardship of Jacob's reaction this weekend. I feel like I'm trying to be cheerful, joyful, and lighthearted, but it's taking so much work. It's like I'm fighting against this glass ceiling or something. Pray for us, that the Lord will reign here instead of any other presence!


Leslie said...


praying for you friend that God would lift the burden and carry the heavy load. I understand how hard it can be to be under such a load.

Loved your praises and always your heart for kids with sn. You are a blessing to me!


Linda said...

I'm so sorry that you're under that burden....It is hard sometimes, isn't it? I will pray that God will bless you as you carry it, that the duration will be short, and the lesson learned, valuable.


Linda said...

PS - I LOVE his bedspread (totally Jacob!) and know you'll do creative things with every piece of extra fabric! I'm glad he likes such bright colors! I can still send him the card/photos of the locomotives we saw in Canada when they surface again. When I saw them a little while ago, I hope I didn't toss them since I thought you might succumb to super heroes!


Kjirstin C said...

I will definitely be praying for you Lissa - and for your little ones too!

I LOVE his bedspread - I'm glad you were able to find something for him that he loves.

Sheri said...

Praying for you!! You know, Gav has food reactions and sometimes I sit there and think "What the heck is going on with this kid?" and just keep feeding him the offending food. It happens, but it sure puts you in the dumps doesn't it!

Did you figure out what the "Sears" is? LOL