October 26, 2009

This week's simple pleasures

We've had a good week around here.  Both kids had the flu, though Jacob's version was incredibly mild.  Mattie, however is stuck with bronchitis still.  This is how things typically go with these two!

Here are the sweet things I've enjoyed this week:

*Having Jacob help me out by reading to Mattie during her breathing treatments.  He asks comprehension questions and everything!
*Getting my van back from the shop with a beautiful new paint repair, wax and buff job!  No more scratches from the sheep or messed up front end form a recent fender bender! 
*Getting a GREAT deal on the extra work we had done while it was in the shop already.
*Driving a VW minivan for the week as a rental and knowing I love my Honda more!
*Watching Jacob's love for reading develop as he always wants to read "one more chapter before I turn out the light."
*Having lots of imaginary cowgirl princesses over to play with my princess.  :D  Mattie has had a very fun week!
*A good day to visit with friends from Joni and Friends camp!
*Being thankful we own a nebulizer (breathing machine) so we can conveniently do the best thing for bronchitis.
*Hand me down Gameboy Advances (thanks, cousins!!) to entertain Jacob while we wait for Robert in a boot store.
*Robert buying boots, then coming home and finding them online for $53 less!!  (Always a good thing to save on his work boots!)
*Hearing a sweet report about two someones I love very much having a good weekend together, hopefully the beginning of a new life. 
*Jacob asking to have jobs so he can make money to buy a blanket for kids in Asia who don't have one and planning what he's going to put in his shoeboxes this year!  (I love that he assumes we're going to do this!)

I have to say, there has been one sweet part of asking the Lord to show me the simple things in life that used to bring me joy.  I'm noticing and appreciating things about Jacob that used to get overlooked among the frustration with his boisterous personality.  And that is a priceless gift!

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