December 24, 2009

Join us at our Virtual Recital

I have a major coop fear of commitment.  But this year Candace and I worked something out that has been just perfect!  We get together once a week to do Latin, science, piano and other random things.  We planned a small recital for the kids to share what they've been learning, and they did a great job!  I thought you might like to join us virtually!

(All the clips together are less than 5 minutes.  And some of the videos are out of focus... it was my brand new camera and I had a lot to think about as I was introducing, helping get started and pressing record!  Ya know, focusing was just one too many things.)

Emily, Jacob and Hannah


Emily, Hannah, Jacob

O Come All Ye Faithful / Adeste Fideles
Emily, Hannah, Jacob

Isaiah 9:6,7

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Thanks for coming!


Dan and Marcy said...

Oh, how great to see you over the holidays - Great Job Jacob!!

Linda said...

So fun! I loved being able to see you and watch just a portion of all you've learned! It makes it feel like you're not quite so far away...

Congratulations and Feliz Navidad!

LY Gramma

Matt Magee said...

Great recital guys! It's fun to see what you're learning all the way from up here. Keep playing & singing. (Thanks for posting this virtual recital, Liss. Great idea.)