December 15, 2009

Simple Pleasures of this Season

It's been awhile!  We've been busy doing stuff around the house and enjoying this holiday season.  Thankfully, we haven't been too busy, so we're getting to enjoy it.

A few simple pleasures of late... there are many!

Seeing my walls in hallways, stairways and entryway painted and made "mine" instead of the previous homeowners!
Finally hanging coat racks in said entryway!  (I never thought a coat rack would get me so excited.)
Being able to head to the car without chasing down coats and shoes because of their convenient location as we now use our entryway as it was intended, well, except to enter.  :)

Eagerly awaiting my sister and her little family's arrival in a few hours!
Enjoying advent books with my children.
An exciting sleepover with cousins and everyone's joy at sleeping in front of the Christmas tree!  (Well, starting... they all ended up in dark bedrooms two hours later.)

Getting to enjoy our small group and be thankful for the relationships God's built over the past year.
Our camera warranty company finally deciding our camera is unrepairable (after 3 repairs over a year) and sending us money to purchase a new one.  Perfect timing!
Watching Jacob's love of art develop as he makes new creations each day.

Worshiping in the van alone with the Christmas music blasted drowning everything out!  (Ring the bells!  E-man-u-el... has come!!)
Finding the perfect gift.
The Lord's leadership in certain gifts for specific people.  And taking that leadership to pray for the receipt of His message He has for them.

Getting to pack shoe boxes and prepare them to head to Ghana!  That's its own post.  :)
Jacob's pride at sweeping and washing the bathroom floor for the first time.  He did a beautiful job!
Some unexpected relief as we settle into a diagnosis I wasn't anticipating.

Watching Jacob's faith develop as he's faithful to ask God for healing of his food allergies.
Hearing Jacob tell his sick cousin he'd be praying for him (as he left our house throwing up) and remembering to do it later.
My lit Christmas tree, full of colored lights because Jacob likes it that way.

Hearing Jacob sing to Jesus in Latin!
Preparing for our first "recital!"
Hearing Jacob commit scripture to memory.

Watching Mattie "dance the goblin dance."
Snuggling with sleepy Mattie when I carry her to the potty before I go to sleep.
Restoration of relationships that can only be of the Lord.

You can see my list is long!  I've noticed since I've been writing them down, I notice them more throughout the day.  There are so many more I've been enjoying and I'm thankful for that recaptured JOY in my heart!  Many of you have commented that reading our simple pleasures is helping you see your own.  I hope this is still the case and that even if you don't have a blog, you have a piece of paper on the frig or a notebook in which to write them.  It is a blessing!

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Linda said...

I MISS YOU!!! As I read this, I'm crying (who, me?) because you all won't be with us for Christmas, and I'm sad! I LOVE your simple pleasures and your heart for Jesus! I love that you constantly remind me of my priorities! I'm sure I'll cry again, but I'm glad you're back on here, and I'm rejoicing with you in your simple pleasures!

LY so much! MOM