April 05, 2011

life with Pepper and random pictures - third try!

If it doesn't work this time you guys are just going to have to imagine what these photos look like.  I don't know if this is a Picasa problem, a Firefox problem, a Blogger problem or a virus or malware problem.  Argh!

Bath time!  I had no idea the excitement that would ensue following a bath.  The kids were hysterical!

Mattie loves Pepper. Pepper tolerates Mattie.  But Pepper can't ever complain that she doesn't get enough attention.
Jacob loves Pepper.  I think Pepper almost loves Jacob.  ;)

Mattie and her wares.
She had $30 of her own money to spend from her birthday.  We went to a consignment shop and she got all of this plus 2 more things that were in the laundry basket b/c they were on her body within minutes of being home!  She picked it all out herself, and I only vetoed when it was a modesty or fitting issue.  She was a very happy camper.  It was delight in the true sense of the word.  :) 
I get a kick out of all of her skirts.  I'd be happy if I never had to wear a skirt again in my life, and have pretty much felt that way for all 34 years of my existence, I believe.  Mattie prefers a skirt or dress every day.
I'm so thankful for "climbing trees!"  My kids (and the neighbors) spend hours each week climbing this tree.

I think it's just hot when you have this much hair!  Why she chooses the hot bricks instead of the cool grass is beyond me. 

 If it's hot out, what better to do than play in the dog's water?  What else would it be there for, you know?

And can someone tell me when a fifteen year old moved in to my house? 
Mattie LOVES to pick out her own outfits.  Some are really cute... some are horrendous! But all of them are totally Mattie.


Kjirstin C said...

So these are all wonderful...but I totally laughed out loud at that last picture!! Sitting here in my kitchen all by myself :) So funny. I love it! Glad you finally made it work.

clinton-family said...

LOL! She must have somehow snuck into my closet and stole one of my outfits! That last picture is totally something I would wear! Maybe just not in the neon colors! She is absolutely adorable and so fun to see her personality coming out in her clothes :)