April 14, 2011

Today's Randomness

We're still recovering here from our Luke 14 weekend (set up Wednesday evening through clean up Saturday at 11 pm), a day at Dollywood with my parents b/c they were in town and bought us our passes, then Jacob's birthday the following day, then 2 days of "normal" every week stuff.  But today we're home!!  Jacob hasn't done anything formal for school since last Wednesday, but has spent hours building and rebuilding all of his birthday LEGO and Hero Factory sets.  Today for school we're going to do piano practice, a Math lesson and read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together today for as long as the kids want to.  I never read that book as a kid, and because I'm stubborn about seeing movies before reading books, have not seen either of the movies yet.  So I decided to read it with them today instead of giving it to Jacob to read alone.


I will try and get some Luke 14 stories and photos up, though in the administration I "missed" a lot of the actual event this year.  Three years of that is enough!  Next year someone else is going to have to take that job so I can just be and drink in this huge thing into which I pour so much of myself.  


On another special needs note, I'm so proud of one of my "students" at church, Gabe.  He's my age, but is mentally retarded and has cerebral palsy.  He used to be hard to get to church because he didn't want to leave his mamaw (his primary caregiver) though his parents are Christians.  Lately he's been coming to church consistently with his dad, because his Mamaw passed away a few weeks ago.  Because Gabe was quite spoiled by Mamaw, we're working hard on him sitting quietly during our lessons, listening to others while they speak and I'm throwing in there challenges to think about what others are saying even if it's a boring Sunday School lesson.  :)

When I ask Gabe a question he usually says he doesn't know or gives me a blank stare because his medicine makes him sleepy, but I've been working really hard to help him memorize some of the important spine truths of Scripture.  This month of course, Easter is a natural spine issue!  (We do one lesson for an entire month over and over, so between Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings they've heard it 8 times before we switch.)  So tonight when I asked Gabe all of our lesson questions (in a catechism sort of way) he answered EveRy oNe of them correctly!!!  I was so proud of him!  He knows Who died, why He did, and that Jesus is ALIVE today!  Most importantly, Gabe knows that he can spend forever with Jesus just because God loves him that much, and that Easter is the day we get to celebrate it all.  That is why I love what I get to do so much!


And I know I've sent you to this blog before, 
but this post is one you have to read!  
It's very touching in a totally non-Hallmark way.  
Inspirational, disturbing, convicting, etc.  This girl is my hero. 

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