May 25, 2011

Every Day Life - Spring Pictures #2

Mattie and her cousin, Caleb.  She loves playing with Caleb!

Girl talk after a long day at Dollywood.

Mattie's favorite ride at Dollywood this year!  Check out the little half-pint on the left with his hands up just like his mama.  :)  That's Logan, my 2 1/2 year old nephew.  
(We got some season passes for Christmas this year from my parents and have already gotten to go 5 times this season!  It's the gift that keeps on giving for sure!)

 More Dollywood fun with friends!

Jacob carrying the rubber chicken all the way to the end at field day!

Jacob and his wonderful piano teacher, Miss Andrea.  She is sent straight from heaven, I believe!  She has done a great job with Jacob this year helping him develop his musical abilities.  She is in tune enough to buy him a Star Wars book to keep him motivated.  :)  That's a sign of a great teacher!  She loves him for his quirks, and for this I'm so thankful!
Mattie got her first manicure at a birthday party.  :)
 Too sleepy to take out the pigtails...

Spring school!!!

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