June 11, 2012

I just have to say

I. love. my iPhone.

I have always felt convicted that a data plan was an indulgence for which I was not supposed to pay.  (Not that you should not be paying for it.  I'm talking about me here!) I'm a stay at home mom who really stays at home a lot!

Well, my phone died last month.  Because we have a lot of family travel scheduled for this summer, and much of it in areas we're not used to, Robert wanted me to have the GPS and the flexibility of changing my plans mid-day without a computer and printer for directions.  It actually seemed justifiable.  So I traded my sister for her upgrade and ordered it.  I won't say I did not feel guilty (though I did not feel convicted... I'm so thankful for that difference!).

I. love. it.

I love that I can use it as a point and shoot camera and get pictures worth printing.  And that I have it with me because it doesn't weigh as much as my DSLR camera.

I love that I can put stuff on my google calendar before I forget the date or lose the reminder card, which means before I walk out the door of any particular medical office.
I love that I can find a McDonald's, Dunkin', Taco Bell or Starbucks just by asking Siri. And that that allows me some spontaneity previously lost with my kids' food allergies. 
I love that I can write a grocery list by talking to it. And find that grocery list when I get to the store.
I love that I can google that question to which I do not know the answer and my child wants to know.  Now.
I love that I can get my favorite recipes when I'm not in my own kitchen.
I love that I can find out if the nearest gas station is within my typical gas light on warning range.
I love that I can get lost and not worry if any other stay at home woman in my family is home to google map my way to my destination for me! 
I love that I can read a chapter of the Bible - in any version - whenever I want to.

I am completely aware that it's a luxury.  And one I don't take for granted! But it is a luxury that has simplified my life in both trivial and legitimate ways. 

I don't love it like I love my man or my children or my siblings or my dearest friends, but as much as one can love a small, white, inanimate object, I love it.

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