August 11, 2012

Some Nameless Additions

We have been wanting to let the kids get kittens for a long time.  They both love playing with them every time someone we know has some! (I know, what kid doesn't?) I don't have much affection for cats, and actually have been around quite a few nasty ones!  But both of the kids love them.  Robert's parents had some they needed a home for, so we let the kids each pick one.

But because I was fairly allergic before my allergy shots and Jacob seems to be following in my footsteps, I've been afraid they'd fall in love and then we'd have to get rid of them.  I'm still afraid of that!  But we have only rugs (as opposed to installed carpet) and only one upholstered chair (all our other furniture is wood or leather), so we decided there's no way to know except to try.  The kids know the risks.  I'm just praying we all do fine with them!  I'm also praying that Pepper likes them when she gets home!

Meet Nameless #1 and Nameless #2!

The jury is still out on the names... Lucy, Snowflake (not sure I understand that one!), Sam, Tony, Romp... 

My tenderhearted boy said he thinks this is the best day ever and has teared up more than once with joy. That makes it worth a try!


Matt Magee said...

I love how you can almost see their personalities in the nameless 1 and 2 picture. Who knows if I'm correct, or not.

I'm trying to force the "I'm happy for you" out with a smile (tells you my thoughts about cats).

They are cute...though your kids are much cuter.

Kjirstin Cole said...

Matt, you are hysterical! I must admit a tad bit of the same feeling towards the feline group as a whole...but I'm glad that your kids are loving them!!

Melissa said...

Well at least I come by it honestly. I have three very distinct mean cat memories, one that lasted an entire summer and occurred EVERY single time I walked by the cat! I spent that entire summer in jeans and long sleeves whenever I was at that home b/c that cat was so nasty to me. While the kittens are cute when they play, this is *totally* a gift for my kids! I believe I also married someone who loves cats as well, so it seems I'm just the odd man out.

Melissa said...

And I have very clear memories of Mom declaring her hatred of cats as well.