September 09, 2012

They're growing up!

Got a few pics of my sunshines together tonight!  

 I'm so happy with how they turned out, I had to show you!

I think the two above are getting framed to go in my kitchen.  :)

Mattie is 6 1/2, and Jacob is 10 1/2.

And at this point, they're having more fun than is helpful...


Kjirstin Cole said...

Oh my word! I LOVE it! I actually think the last one is my favorite!! So happy to be together :)

mom said...

I love ALL of them but would love to have the first and last sent to my Costco acct if you don't mind! Great job Liss!

kelly Carr said...

Mattie and Jacob both are very cute and their smile makes me happy too. Their pics around the sunflower looks so beautiful.. Must say, you really have two beautiful flowers in your home.. :)


kelly Carr said...

both are looking very happy with each other..