April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Here are some pictures of how we celebrated our day! It was a bit different this year...Mattie has been running a temp of 102-103 for 24 hours, got a couple hour break Sunday afternoon, then right back to 103 again. Robert is sick too, so they both stayed home yesterday morning. Mattie has strep and based on the description of Robert's throat, the doctor thinks he does too... Jacob and I went to church, came home for lunch, then went to Peter and Val's for an Easter egg hunt for the kids!

This is what Jacob found when he woke up this morning... His and Mattie's Easter baskets, his Bible open to the part about the tomb being empty (we haven't read since Friday as we've been trying to line the story up with our calendar), and Jesus standing near the tomb (as opposed to inside it) in our resurrection garden with the stone rolled away!!

Here's Jacob enjoying his Easter loot! I ventured out on a limb this year and made him chocolates so he could have an Easter basket that was completely safe for him instead of having to limit the candy because the ingredients were questionable. I made chicks, eggs, bunnies, crosses, a big chocolate bunny and a train lollipop.

Here's my handsome boy in his Easter finery.

And Mattie girl in hers... :( Thankfully, I didn't buy anything new just for Easter.

Here's Jacob finding his first egg. He found lots of eggs this year, in spite of his anxiety that the girls would find them all first! (He definitely does not have the "looking" gene!!)

A few of the Crabtree cousins and one Burton add on.

Well that's all for now. I have some blogging catching up to do, but it's not going to happen until Mattie feels better. Since Friday she has wanted to be held non-stop, sometimes naps included! We got antibiotics this morning, so hopefully she'll have made a remarkable improvement by tomorrow morning.

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Valerie said...

Poor Mattie Girl! I hate that she is so sick. Exciting year for Jacob though. Oh the joys of chocolate!