April 29, 2007

I'll catch up on Mattie's fun stuff!

Well, my Mattie-girl has gotten so grown up all of a sudden! She surprises me every day at how aware she is of her world around her! She is way more aware than Jacob is now, much less when he was 14 months old!

A couple of weeks ago I was using a permanent marker in the bathroom. She took the marker from the chair, walked in to the kitchen, opened the correct drawer and put it away!
She's also brought me her plastic cup with a matching lid and the valve that goes in it last week when she wanted a drink.
And she loves to bring me shoes, her pink sandals most often.
Last week I said something about changing her clothes and she walked right in to her dresser.
Then in the bathtub she tries to put the shampoo on her head by herself.
And two days ago she found one of Robert's Propel bottles in the Wal Mart bag. She went right to him, put it in his lap, and signed "eat."

I'm not saying she's a genius. It just cracks me up every day when I see evidence that this child doesn't miss a beat! There is definitely no pulling the wool over her eyes!

She's also growing up in so many other ways...she's saying uh-uh, paci, Daddy, dog, shoes, bite, bye bye, ni-night, and so much more we can't even begin to understand!!

She absolutely loves Silas (the dog) and any other dog who might come to play. Her new favorite foods are steak and cashews. (She's a protein girl...protein and crackers/pretzels!) She is by far the happiest when she's playing in a puddle of water. Silas' bowl in her favorite, though any puddle will do. Last week I was planting flowers and she was playing in the water like it was a pool! (I did start with fresh water for her.) And Robert found her yesterday wet from head to tow...forehead and face included! She was lying in one of the remaining puddles on the back porch. (Yes, gross!) Oh well, I guess she'll live! She definitely goes through many more outfits than Jacob did at this age. She ain't skeered! (of dirt or water or mud).

Here are some pictures of our last few weeks.

Mattie's first haircut. (I just cut an inch or so off the bottom of the back. It was looking kind of mullet-ish. She still has her curls.)

Mattie in her Easter dress that she didn't get to wear on Easter because of her strep. I tried an outside pic but I couldn't get her to stay out of the dirt, and we hadn't yet left for church!

I found this in the dollar bin at Target and I couldn't resist.

Partners in crime...Mattie and Caleb love to play together! Caleb says, "Ma-eee!" whenever he sees her. They seem to have a good time together and are way more interactive than Hannah and Jacob were at this age. It's very cute to watch!

Mattie helping me plant petunias last week. She loves playing in the water and dirt!!!

Well, I could go on all day. I just can't believe how big she's getting already. She's just not so much of a baby anymore. At least she still likes to snuggle.


Anonymous said...

Aww, that Ma-eeee is such a cutie! And so is that cute cousin of hers, Caleb. :)hee hee hee I love to hear him say her name! Love all the pictures! What a joy she is!


Matt said...

Wow Liss...she sure is adorable. I'm so sad that I can't be down there to see these little (and huge) steps of her (and Jacob's) growth.

Nana said...

Oh how precious she is!! Adorable pictures. I think that she and Caleb may just turn out to be kissin' cousins - they are ADORABLE together!!!!