December 10, 2007

Christmas Tree

The day we studied the roots of Christmas trees we read Eve Bunting's Night Tree. It is a sweet book where a family goes to a forest each Christmas Eve and decorates a tree for the animals. So we did a version of this as a family! We made ornaments with cookie cutters from white bread, peanut butter, and birdseed. And we made popcorn/cranberry strings. We took them all outside and decorated the leafless birch tree in front of our kitchen window. This was a fun activity, mostly because we did it one day when Robert was home to join us.

Mattie loving the cookie cutters

Jacob working hard on his cranberry popcorn string. (He surprised me at how well he did with this, needle and all!)

Mattie's contribution to the popcorn stringing.

Even Robert got in on the stringing and made us an 8 foot garland!!

Here's just a little proof that I exist.

Our various decorations

Who needs a ladder with Daddy around?

Our decorated tree!

And Silas getting in on the goods!! (Well, we said we decorated it for the animals, I guess...we didn't say which animals.) He got everything under 5 feet, I believe.

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