December 31, 2007

Our Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Here are a few pics of our New Year's Eve / Day celebrations (such as they were).

Robert's brother and his wife are in Alaska on a mission trip, so we invited their three kids over to enjoy fireworks with us.

Caleb was the only one brave enough to do the sparklers.

Here's what Mattie thought of the big fireworks. (Strangely enough, she asked for them more than 10 times today!)

This was a stark improvement over our July festivities! (In July, he spent the entire evening inside... this time he was happy as long as he was on the porch and kept his ears covered.)

Gotta love those big brown eyes...

And here's Jacob keeping his ears covered. He did enjoy them a lot more than this face looks like.

Emily liked watching them from on top of the car!

All the happy kiddos on the porch (as far from the fireworks as possible!).

That was it for our New Year's Eve party. We put the kids in bed by nine. And I got to experience the ultimate event: going to Wal Mart by myself... with almost no one there!

Then I came home and we vegged on the couch long enough to see the ball drop. Don't you wish you were so cool??

Then today was my day to help with the kids, so we made pizza for lunch and then did some New Year's Day learnin' and fun. We talked about the calendar starting over and looked at our 2007 calendar. We closed it after December and opened a new one. (I bought Jacob his own calendar to keep on the wall this year.) This seemed to help the kids understand it was a new something. We also did a printable book from and colored a bit.

Once I got the little ones in bed, we made fireworks with glue and glitter! The older three loved this!

Happy New Year!!

P.S. I know I have some issues with my night pictures. It's not the camera's fault... It's quite difficult to take a picture with a heavy camera at night while holding a toddler clinging with a death grip!

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