December 18, 2007

Sweet sleep breathing

I was finding a bit of joy on my journey last night about midnight. Jacob has been having a really hard time sleeping the past two weeks as a side effect of some medicine. He's been awake for several hours each night anywhere between midnight and 6AM; it's different each night. He is getting better about not coming into our room repeatedly as he's realizing there is nothing I can do for him, but I do think he gets lonely upstairs all by himself for that long. So, last night I let him start in my bed and told him I'd move him into Mattie's room on the floor after she was asleep. Well, I went to bed soon after they did and was afraid she wasn't asleep yet, so I just let him stay in my bed (which is a major treat for him!). When Robert is home I don't sleep a bit with a kiddo in the bed, because it's just too crowded, but without him, it's not bad at all, though not a habit we want to get into.

Anyway, as I was lying there awake last night I was just watching his sweet little face with his thumb in his mouth and "Joe" right next to his face, his sweet, steady breathing sounded so restful. (I wanted to get up and take a picture, but I couldn't make myself get out of bed.) I had just some time to realize what good boy he is. He's sensitive, thoughtful, helpful, bright, giving and tries so hard to do the right thing so many times! And then I remember he's only 5! Only 5. As a mommy I spend so much time correcting behavior, sometimes it's hard to remember what good kids I have. I do have two really good kids.


MOM said...

SO precious! I can just see him there, peaceful and sweet! And just so you know it, you used to come in to stand by the side of my bed, ever so quietly, just waiting until I somehow sensed your presence, and when I asked you what you needed, you said, "I just wanted to tell you I love you." And then you would very peacefully go back to your bed, other than the nights I would pull you into the waterbed on my side so we could snuggle! It is a precious time! Love and treasure every second you can! And yes, you do have very good kids!

Michele@Philoxenos said...

Sometimes when we've had a really tough day at home, I'll go stand by the kids' bedsides and just watch them. And I"ll often pray for them too. It helps me remember that, like yours, they're really good kids. It's hard to remember that sometimes.

Leslie said...

Aren't those moments the best?! Enjoy your little boy - the years do fly. My firstborn will be 15 in a few more months. I remember well the times of snuggling in bed with him and watching him sleep.

Treasure each moment - it is the times like this that we will remember and cherish.

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I do believe that the Lord knew what a blessing it would be for us to watch them sleep - it's amazing how the day melts away with those sweet eyes peacefully shut, hands just so. I hope He sees me like that at the end of my long days with Him... His mercies are new every morning!