April 22, 2008

My June Cleaver Morning

These almost never happen (maybe never before??), so I have to share about it today. Jesus will probably come back before it happens again.

This morning I woke up to the birds singing, before my alarm went off. I had to relieve myself horribly, so I decided to get out of bed. Well, since I was up I decided to get a jump on getting ready for Bible Study. (We had a luncheon today and for some insane reason, forgetting my lack of success in the kitchen, I signed up to make rolls.) So I get ready, both kids still sleeping! Then I head to the kitchen, get their breakfast ready so that when Mattie wakes up, I don't have to do it one handed while she's wanting to snuggle. Ten minutes later, both kids were still sleeping! So I donned my apron and made my cinnamon honey butter, being sure to taste test it several times. It was yummy! The kids were awake now, Jacob a bit grumbly, but thankfully (quite an understatement) it didn't last long.

While the kids were eating, I threw my ingredients (prepared into wet and dry last night) into my great bread-machine to mix and knead. New recipe, so I wasn't sure what to expect. (Again, what was I thinking?? And substituting ingredients for other non-food-allergic people???) With no small amount of praise from me, the recipe seemed like it was working fine, so I made the kids' lunch while it finished. Then the dough was ready to shape into rolls. It started rising quickly, so June Cleaver's probably looked prettier. I had to just cut and round a bit quickly. The recipe made more than I needed, so I had enough to make a loaf of bread as well! (It's always good to have more yield for no more work in my opinion.)

Anyway, to make this nonsense story even longer, I finally got them all rising nicely in the warm ovens while I finished getting the kids ready and cleaning up. Twenty minutes later, lo and behold, they looked great! And they tasted great too! (I definitely have a new favorite bread recipe!!!)

No, I'm not done yet... the most amazing part hasn't even been told yet. I pack everything up, take the garbage out while the kids cheerfully help me, take the paraphernalia out to the car, load the kids up, realize I still have my cute little apron on, take it off, get in the car......... and look at the clock.

Drove to church, WE GOT THERE EARLY!!!

I had cheerful children,
Mattie still had her original outfit on after a meal,
I baked a successful batch of fresh milled flour whole wheat rolls to slather in honey butter,
I didn't yell at my kids,
and we arrived somewhere early!

Oh! Why can't June Cleaver stop by my house more often??


Linda said...

Congratulations! I think I had a few of those mornings throughout my parenting years, but they certainly were few and far between!

LY mom

Christy said...

LOL! Ok, I just had to comment because when I read this line...

"...I finished getting the kids ready and cleaning up. Twenty minutes later, lo and behold, they looked great! And they tasted great too!"

...I thought you were still talking about the kids looking great after 20 minutes, until I read that they tasted great too! LOL!

Oh, and I don't think I've ever had a day like this because I would have most definitely gone right back to bed if the sun wasn't up yet! *blush*

But I'm proud of you! Good going June!

Mi said...

That is too funny! Maybe someday June will visit my house. But I'm not holding my breath. Glad you got the chance to tell me what it was like.

Anonymous said...

I know that the Lord blesses us with these days to give us HOPE...to remind us that not everyday will be as bad as those. ya know? But I sure wish there were a few *more* of the June Cleaver days! hee hee! I'm glad you had one! :)