April 23, 2008

Peter Rabbit Watercolor

Just in case you wonder why I don't post much about school lately... ummmmmm... we've really been enjoying Spring! We've been doing a lot of spontaneous things outside: discovering what kinds of trees we have in our yard, looking the different seeds, finding worms, noticing all the different flowers, learning about native trees. Lots of stuff that I'm not planning!

Over a three week period we completed our Peter Rabbit unit from FIAR. We took it nice and slow, because we started it the day after I counted our school days and realized I only had 25 left. Anyway, this was our second time with Peter Rabbit and it was great fun! We focused n different things this year. Last year we focused on botany and gardening. This year we focused on rabbits, art, England, and consequences. This is a great site with a lot of Beatrix Potter fun! And we read almost all the way through the beautiful Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales Mattie received as a gift this Christmas. That was very fun to do together - Mattie listened to a lot of the stories as well! Beatrix Potter is definitely a favorite of ours.

Jacob working hard on his painting

Since Beatrix Potter's illustrations were done in watercolor, one day we pulled out our watercolors. Jacob drew his picture first using the I Can Draw Animals book. (Little shameless plug for my Usborne-selling SIL there!) Then he painted it with his watercolors. I coached him and reminded him about being neat, try to stay in the lines, and painted one little bunny's mouth to show him what to do, but this is his work. He really enjoyed it.

Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Mrs. Rabbit in front of their fir tree


Anonymous said...

Tell Jacob that Aunt Candace LOVES his painting! Seriously, I just love the kids paintings...I think you could frame this with a red mat and hang it somewhere in your house!! I love it! :)

I think we are going to spend a week with Peter as well, either this coming week or next. :)


Valerie said...

I just love the painting! Definitely a keeper!