February 13, 2009

Mattie's New Morning Routine

So yesterday at 6:15 I hear a sound much like a cabinet door closing in the kitchen. (We are typically not awake this early, and there is certainly not usually anyone in the kitchen at this time!) Robert went to check it out and it was Mattie with the light on. No cabinets open though.

So he brought her to our bed to snuggle so she wouldn't go back in and wake Jacob. After a couple of minutes he noticed the smell of chocolate on her breath...

Robert: Mattie, were you eating chocolate?
Mattie: _______________ (silence)
Robert, more firmly: Mattie. Were you eating chocolate?
Mattie: _______________
Robert: Mattie! Were you eating chocolate!?
Mattie, verrrry quietly: Yes.

Several minutes later:
Robert: How much did you eat?
Mattie: 1, 2, 3 pieces...Ummmm, 4 pieces...I think 7 pieces...Ten pieces...Twenty. Just twenty pieces.

Yeah right.

So this morning I noticed a light on again at 6:15 or so. (What is it with this kid??) She was in the cabinet again!! This time I caught her totally red handed, so there was an unpleasant consequence, especially for 6:15 AM. And she wasn't allowed to have treats all day.

And tonight, the chocolate is in the freezer.


Linda said...

So glad you're back to blogging! And she's unbelievable!


Linda said...

PS - LOVE the new look! MOM

Kjirstin C said...

Gotta love her! She cracks me up :) I love the new background for your blog - it's so pretty! And it inspired me to do mine too!