February 14, 2009

The Little Girl's Third Birthday

Well the little ball of spunk turned three last weekend. On one side it's hard to believe that three years have passed, but on the flip side, many days I feel like she's five already, so it's no surprise at all!

I was hoping to get away without a party at all, but she notices too much and was very prepared for her party. She wanted a Cinderella princess party with a pink princess cake. So at the last minute I threw together a plan. We just did a few of her three year old girl friends so it was small and girly. (With the addition of a couple of superheroes and daddies.)

The little princesses.

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

(I owe a major THANK YOU to my sister, Kjirstin for making and decorating Mattie's beautiful, pink princess cake! I was totally overwhelmed at the thought of doing it in the middle of my life running me over, but she enjoys being in the kitchen and took care of it for me! Well, I did put the ribbon in her hair.)

Mattie with her decorated crown. She did actually enjoy making it, but I guess she wasn't really up for a picture! (She was running a fever with another urinary tract infection, so she wasn't really herself all day.)

I don't have a clue what they're talking about, I just think it's a cute shot of them talking like adults!

One girly party, all right!

One of the things I wanted to get Mattie for her birthday was a cradle for her baby dolls. When I was at my parents' at Christmas I found this cradle that my sisters and I all played with. It was brown and in desperate need of a bit of tlc, but nothing a bit of spray paint wouldn't fix! So two coats later we had a beautiful fresh white cradle! And my mom whipped up a padded sheet and pillow for it at the last minute (she's good that way). I think it turned out perfectly!

Thanks, Gramma!

This was definitely the hit gift of the day! I saw it on slickdeals.com before Christmas and ordered it right away. It's a battery powedered mini-quad that she loves driving! (And her brother is VERY jealous!!)

Happy Birthday, Mattie-girl!


Valerie said...

What a sweet party! Even sweeter birthday girl!

Linda said...

It was a fun day! And much less overwhelming (for me) than I had anticipated with all those little bitsies running around! They were so sweet! Too bad she wasn't on top of the world physically! We missed that perfect smile and glowing face, but - she was still Mattie, and always a joy! (Except at 6:15 with chocolate?!)

Alicia said...

What a fun-looking party! It looks like the girls had fun. Your sister did an amazing job on the cake!

Kjirstin C said...

The cake was a blast to make!! So much fun :)

We were thrilled to be able to be there - thanks for having us come down! She's a sweet little girl, that's for sure.

Amanda said...

Hey Melissa! I saw your blog comment about your friend who does prison ministry. If you want to send me her info I'll send it to my co-workers who are handling the donations. You can email me at blog@lproof.org. Blessings!

Leslie said...

What a bunch of adorable girls! Your little princess is so very cute! I look forward to having a princess party one day in the future. (We'll have a lot of knights or cowboys or something else in attendance too.)

Looks like a fun party!