February 09, 2009

Things I want to blog about...

So I'm being totally run over by my life since Christmas. I have several things I want to blog about!

Before and after pictures of our gargantuan painting project.
The blessing of the family I grew up in... been pondering this since before Christmas!
Our day at the zoo today!
Our trip to another museum two or three weeks ago.
One more thing I wrote when I was in college.
Our snow week we had last week!
Our women's retreat and what God taught me.
Mattie's Birthday! I hate that I didn't have anything done on this day, but there just hasn't been time. I was lucky to have her presents wrapped in time for her to open them, much less blog about it!
Some pics of the handsome little guy who brought his parents to visit this weekend.

So I'll try to get to it this week... I miss blogging!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

And I've missed reading your posts! I look forward to hearing more about what has been going on. Sounds like y'all have been busy - in a good way.