July 19, 2011

Bible in 90 Days Tips

I'm participating in the Bible in 90 Days program with Mom's Toolbox again. I'm thoroughly enjoying it!  My mom and sister are reading this time too, so I'm excited to be on this journey with them. My other sister got hung up last time, so maybe she'll finish it with us! :) I thought I'd share a few tips that have made it easier for me.

5. Schedule my reading time, don't expect it to just happen.
4. Read without studying.  Keep a notebook handy to write down questions to research later.
3. Write down observations in that same notebook. Include the scripture references!
2. Get a bookstand to lift it up so you don't get headaches from looking down so much.  (This was trouble for me until I did this. It won't work well with a soft Bible though.)  If I used cookbooks, this would come in handy in the kitchen too!

1. My best tip... get a small, non-hardback Bible!  I wanted this all the way through last time and didn't do it.  This time, I did it on day 3!  I bought a Holman gift Bible at Lifeway and it's been wonderful!  Last time I read my study Bible and because it was big and bulky I had to get settled on the couch to read it comfortably.  Because this is such a great size, I can keep it in my purse, pick it up for 5 minutes at a time wherever I am, and (the best) hold it up while I'm lying down in bed!  :)  And because it was five bucks, I'm keeping all my notes in it instead of in a separate notebook.  I love it already!  Mattie seems to like it too.  She keeps telling me I need to let her have it, because I have enough Bibles already.  Yes, I have a stop at Lifeway on my list for my sweet girl.  How can you tell a kid they can't have your Bible?

I'm not going to blog specifically about my journey this time as I don't want it to appear that that is my motivation for doing it, but you'll probably be hearing about some of the things the Lord is teaching me through His word.  I will encourage you to pray about reading the Bible this way at least once.  It has been life changing for me.  I really don't think you'll be sorry!

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