July 16, 2011

Meeting my online friend!

Leslie is an online friend with whom I've been corresponding for over 4 years now! I met her on the Five in a Row message boards.  We started emailing when her daughter was born with Down Syndrome and have continued since then through many things. We had a meeting set up a year or so ago when Robert was working near her, but they ended up with a stomach bug so we didn't get together. On July 4th they were on their way through on vacation and we did a very last minute visit at ChickFilA. Her sweet husband was so patient to let us visit for a while!

The kids had a great time playing and Jacob wanted to know "if these were just friends we're going to meet once and never see again?" He doesn't like that part of making new friends with people who don't live here. 
 So nice to finally meet you and your clan, Leslie!

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Leslie said...

Loved being able to see y'all on the spur of the moment! Thank you for meeting us. Hope we'll get to meet up again one day!