January 13, 2008

Another Beth Moore blessing

If you have a minute, go ahead and read this whole post of Beth Moore's tonight. It'll bless you. She's so real, and her husband isn't particularly fond of Sunday morning church. Huh! Who woulda thunk? And she still has a successful ministry! And she loves her husband inside and out! And she knows it's not her job to get him there. Another "huh!" And she's not embarrassed or feeling less spiritual because of his lack of love for church. Novel ideas, I say.

If you don't have time to read the whole post, be sure to notice this portion,

Then I saw the sweetest moment between a senior adult couple sitting two rows in front of us. It almost put me over the edge. The woman - so gorgeous and so radiant in the Spirit - was familiar to me from Bible study years ago. I'm supposing her husband had battled health problems because he appeared very physically weak, though clearly joyful. Someone told Melissa that they'd been married for sixty years. He sat during praise and worship as she stood beside him, often lifting her delicate right hand before the Lord Jesus from an obvious overflow of love. At one point as the worship leader led us in the stone-melting song "Amazing Love," the praise was so moving that the man, bent with age and confined to the chair by weakness, lifted both his hands. Just seconds later, his beautiful wife, standing closely to his right, slipped her left hand under his elbow to support what was very likely the sweetest, purest act of worship I may have ever seen. I could not keep from crying.

Lord, let that be me in 40 years!

P.S. I'm a part of our women's council at church. I didn't realize it at first, but I've discovered there are a few perks! First, I get my Bible Study materials for free! Well, that was a nice surprise. But then I found out about another... our budget line item called " Leadership Training" or something like that. Okay, that's always nice, a little bit of training, but this year we're going to ...................... Deeper Still in Atlanta!!! I am a happy girl.

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