January 24, 2008

We Made Butter!

We've been studying pioneers for the past couple of weeks, and today we made butter with Hannah, Emily, Caleb, and Aunt Candace!! I've never done this before... it was a lot easier than I expected.

Here's what we started with... I actually have a real churn, but we didn't want to make that much, so we just did some on a jar.

We each took turns shaking...

Hey! It's working!

Here it is!

The two that liked the buttermilk (which was not nearly as yucky as I thought it would be).

So, is it yummy?

We used my duck and bunny candy molds and pressed our butter like they did in colonial times (though I don't think they made ducks and bunnies).

So, guess what we had for lunch?


Anonymous said...

Neat Idea! Looks like the had fun and the ducks made it really interesting!

Kjirstin C said...

That's so fun!!! I love those smiles :)