January 23, 2008

She almost cost me some serious cash this time!

Well, anyone who has read this blog or known us for long knows how much Mattie thrives on getting into stuff. I think it's her heartbeat. So, Saturday when we're watching our three nephews, Robert comes into me (I'm in the shower) and says, "Do we have any extra clothes for Jack?" (He's 15 months.) "Um, no, did his diaper leak?" "No! Mattie poured half a gallon of colloidal silver on him!!" I must say, I got quite a chuckle. And my first question was, "Well, did you take a picture??" I guess it was funnier since it wasn't going to be my job to clean it up...

Fast forward to yesterday... I ran a batch of rice through my mill to make Mattie some flour and learn that not only did she pour the colloidal silver on Jack, but she poured it through my mill! Yeah, the mill that will be $200+ to replace!!! Thankfully, the Lord has been gracious and spared me (and her!) from a broken mill. It's working beautifully after a thorough cleaning and drying out.

And this weekend, at the top of my honey-do list is cabinet locks. Maybe they'll buy me a week or two until she figures them out.


Linda said...

How much time am I gramma-ing next week?? I'm a little nervous! But I can't wait!


Kjirstin C said...

Oh no! Hmm, let's see - there are these magnetic ones that she can't possibly figure out - you'd just have to figure out where to put the "magnet key" so she can't find it!