September 08, 2008

Another Set of Grandparents

I initially intended to include this in my post last night, but I got lost looking for pictures and forgot. We are blessed enough to have an extra set of grandparents to be thankful for, Mattie's birth grandparents.

"Aunt Paula and Uncle Mark"
You are grandparents from afar, but I know you love Mattie as much as if you saw her every day, I have no doubt. You always send thoughtful gifts, encouragement, and notes about Jesus at holidays or just random times. You are always so kind to include Jacob as well. You loved on Mattie for a whole day last year while I went skiing for the day! And I'm absolutely certain you loved every minute of it. You have entrusted her to us graciously, and that is a gift to which nothing will compare. It is very apparent to me that we're raising your grandchild, though in a different way than you expected. We love you guys dearly and are so thankful you are a part of our lives! We want to have you as close as possible while respecting the distance you may need as well.

And how do I not have any pictures of you?? I know you guys have pictures with her because I remember shooting them on your camera! You'll have to send me one to put here!

I'm going to take this chance to ask too, about reader's opinions for what to call them. We do Aunt Paula and Uncle Mark for now, but to me that's not a fitting name. I don't know why. It seems too ordinary for their relationship to Mattie. Their relationship to Mattie is so unique, and I want to set them apart. (We have a lot of other Aunts and Uncles!)

Mattie also has another set of birth grandparents that love her as well, I know. We haven't seen them since she was born, but I know they love her no less.

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RosserFamily said...

How about another "grandparent" name, like Nana and Papaw, or something that we use for grandparents. I love being called Nana, and maybe they would appreciate that as well. When she is older she will learn that they are grandparents as well, with a deep love for her.