September 16, 2008

My Little Ballerina

You guys have heard me say before how much Mattie loves music and dancing. So I started looking around for a Creative Movement class that was for 2 year olds. There is a studio in a local church that teaches ballet, but they also focus a lot on worshiping God through dance, and I really like that idea. (Though you'll never see me doing that! God would be totally insulted at my dancing for Him, let me tell ya'.) This class is for 3-4 year olds, but she opened it to mature 2s (that is an oxymoron) because she was hoping for more students. Mattie and another 2 year old were the two young ones in the class, but Mattie did great!

Here she is all ready to go! (We had to scramble a bit, because we just found out about it last night. We found these slippers in the dress up box, but they'll do until we can get her a pink pair somewhere.)

Here she is jumping over the "rivers."

And here she is doing something else adorable, I don't know what. It was soooo cute to watch her!


Valerie said...

How sweet!

Kjirstin C said...

What a little angel!!

Linda said...

OH my goodnesss!! She is toooooo cute! And the pic on the chair makes her look too big!
I think you're wrong though, about God being insulted by your dancing before Him. You need to reread your post about the Beth Moore day - Who Knew?
He just wants whatever it is we have to offer Him - warts and all!


Peggy said...

Oh, I can see her now! I bet she takes this seriously and is loving it! I do like they way they worship with their dance. I think you would be very pleasing to the Lord even it you do it in private. :-) Peggy