September 07, 2008

Happy Grandparent's Day!

I always have good thought of having my kids make cards or calling on this day, but every year I forget about it until it's too late! Today I noticed it on my calendar and thought this was a good way to acknowledge the four special grandparents in our lives. We have two sets with the same names because my kids weren't born when names were chosen so we got what we got.


Grampa Harvey, My Dad

You love to play and be silly with my kids! Your brain is often engrossed in work related things, but when you notice (or are clued in) that the kids are wanting some time with you, you are very intentional to give it. You care for them and have given me many mom's days out when I'm visiting. (He is also one of the main reasons I have so many beautiful pictures of my kids!) Thank you for being so generous with us! We love you!


Gramma Linda, My Mom

You are so helpful to me! You have come to my rescue many, many times when I've been engrossed in a major house project. You read a lot of books to the kids and have put in many hours of board games with Jacob. You have also taught them some of the finger plays and songs about Jesus that Gramma used to do with me. I love having those passed down! You also are very interested in their special diets and are often noticing if there's a new product they can have. You are quick to treat them as well! And I can't let it go that it's always fun to hit the outlets when you're here for a week. You just get overtaken by some gramma-itis and give Mattie's wardrobe a great face lift! (Jacob would prefer his treats be in the form of something with wheels, though you have treated him to many fun clothes too!) You have also endured many hours of activity that are totally not Gramma friendly (meaning lots of walking and no AC), except that they involve my kids. You've been through several days of hot theme parks just because you knew my kids would enjoy them. We love you!


Grandpa Bob, Robert's Dad

Both of my kids love you! You will have a special jewel in his crown for all the hours you've logged of Thomas Tracks and Trestles Game with Jacob and Candy Land lately with Mattie. You play with them, always offer them food, read to them, let them climb on you and be way too rowdy with you, and never correct them without a smile. You LOVE to spoil your grandkids! We love you!


Grandmama (or Grandma Peggy), Robert's mom

You are a huge help to me as well! You are always very giving of your time and are very quick to watch my children even when it isn't convenient. You have offered many times when you could have been doing other things, and probably should have been. If I see it correctly, you are one grandma that would rather be doing little else than serving her children or grandchildren, I feel sure. You love my kids, are real with them, are patient with them, reinforce what they're learning about Jesus, make messes with them, and really triy to do all the fun things a kid would want to do at grandma's house. You are full of grace (and a reminder to me to be as well) and love all of us no matter how imperfect we are. We love you!


We are tremendously blessed with the parents we have and the grandparents my children have been given! They are grandparents who love the Lord first, who are still married and an example of sticking with a commitment even when it's not all stars and roses, who love all of their children and really did their best with each one of us, who pray for and desire to see all of their children and grandchildren walking in truth, and who realize that time with the grandchildren is the way to do that. Thank you, Lord for the gift you have given us in them!

(I've also noticed in this picture search that I have far too few pictures of all of you!)


peggy said...

Wow! I am so surprised, honored, and humbled. Thank you so much. peggy

Linda said...

WOW! I'm a little teary, and loving our g'parents' day surprise! Thanks!
And it was the BEST present you could give me! LY Mom/Gramma Linda

Thanks, guys, for bringing some great memories to mind. I can't think of a greater group of "cool kids" to be "Grampa Harvey" to. OK, now here's my confession: I didn't even know it was grandparents' day.

Love y'all.