September 28, 2008

More on the Artificial Junk

So, we thought the Dum Dums were bothering Mattie... we were right! She is continuing to be happier, play much more nicely with Jacob, sleep better, and have almost no tantrums each day! (Now the tantrums are only when tired or hungry!!!!)

And I had a test I didn't plan: She has been screaming in the nursery lately, but only on Wednesday nights. (She hasn't cried in the nursery since February, and more than a year before that.) It started two weeks after I had been gone for 5 days, so I assumed that was it. But that didn't explain why it was only Wednesday nights. Hmmm...

Three Wednesdays ago we started Wednesday afternoon activities: Speech Club, Children's Choir, then church. We eat dinner at church between children's choir and church. And guess what I was letting Mattie have those nights???


Interestingly enough, the night she had red was by far the very worst of her screaming. And she screamed going to bed that night, and again in the middle of the night. Not to mention I had to drag her to the car after church, hold her into her seat while I buckled her because she was mad about something random. She also had a tough day the following day.

So no, we don't like artificial food colorings. They must be of the devil, because that's about what they do to Mattie!

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