November 17, 2008

Our Feathered Friends

When I keep up with the bird food, we have some serious birds! (For a couple of months this summer I spent more on bird food than I did on our 70 pound dog!) One of the things I'd like for Christmas is a bird feeder that holds more seed. With the feeders I have now, I have to refill them every 3 days or so and it's just hard to keep up with. I'm sure our birds think I'm a terrible mother! I really miss them when I slack and they're not around. The kids really enjoy seeing them as well. And our gift on rainy days is that the birds come like crazy! So we often just sit in the kitchen window and watch them come and go.

That thistle sock is an ugly feeder, but the American Goldfinches love it! I'm going to have to find something else that is the same concept but not such an eyesore.

This red bellied woodpecker was around often this summer!
I know this one's out of focus, but it was through the kitchen window.
I like that he's looking right at me.

We have a ton of house finches. These are one of the birds we see the most.

A sweet cardinal couple on a lunch date.

We threw some black oil sunflower seed out this year to attract some blue jays so we could see them up close. They did not disappoint us! We ended up moving them to another tree as they were antagonizing some of the smaller birds and the kids were missing them.

We had the pleasure of feeding many Downy Woodpeckers as well. We rarely saw the females, but there were several males that would come to visit.

We have more tufted titmouses (mice?) than any other bird, I think.

The other birds that frequent our feeders are black-capped chickadees, nuthatches, brown headed cowbirds and dark eyed juncos. Every now and then we get a gift of an indigo bunting. Jacob knows I look forward to them as they are my favorite color, so he always comes to find me when there's one to see.

Observing birds is one of the simplest, but most fun ways we get to love God's creation.

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