November 26, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Week

We've had a nice calm week this week! We took a break from a full fledged unit just to read a lot of Thanksgiving themed books and relax! Here's some of what we've done this week:

This is a Family Fun craft that I saw last year and didn't want to forget. The kids really enjoyed it! It was good for Mattie too because we've started learning her letters. Plus she's all about doing "hands on" things! We used helicopters (from maple trees), pine needles, sticks, pinto beans, and lima beans. (I was hoping to use some leaves, but all of ours were too crunchy.) Jacob keeps wanting to eat in the dining room so he can enjoy his "beautiful banner!"

We had some little Indians over for a Thanksgiving party too!

A good round of pin the hat on the turkey...

And this morning we made pumpkin pie play-doh with which Jacob made this for me.
This was another favorite for Mattie. Play-doh is one of her activities I pull out while Jacob is doing school and she'll do it for hours!

And Jacob did some creative writing too! I had some stickers from the dollar bin at Target and asked him to write a couple of sentences using the word stickers. He actually surprised me by connecting them all. He loved it and didn't complain once about the fact that he was having to write!! :)
Here's his story:
The Piligrims picked APPLES. And they did FALL HARVEST. The Pilgrims saw some GOLDEN LEAVES. They made apple CIDER. The kids had many FRIENDS. Some of them had a FAMILY. They started the first Thanksgiving. It was fun. They made PUMPKIN PIE. Hope you had fun PILGRIMs.

I love to see what he comes up with when he does something creative. :)


Linda said...

So cute! Who are the other kids? and tell Jacob I enjoyed his story! He really is creative!

Such a good teacher your children have - they are blessed!

LY mom

Leslie said...

What a lot of fun! You are creative!!! (It doesn't matter if you found the ideas elsewhere - you are still creative!) Loved the story with the stickers! I need to try that here.

You are a fun mom!