November 24, 2008

Our Winter PE

I wondered last year if I could make it through the winter without a trampoline, and we managed to survive. But after the past two weeks of colder weather, I have been going crazy! Jacob has been bouncing off the walls, can't keep his hands off Mattie, and can hardly sit still to save his life. Mattie has started getting into stuff all over again and is being sooooooo mean to Jacob! We have a lot of wind up where we are, so I can't just send them out and make them play in the sandbox or ride bikes when it's cold.

Robert had some free reward points so he decided to cash them in and treat the kids to an early Christmas present! So Friday afternoon we decided to go to Sam's without telling the kids what we were doing. We walked in the store and Jacob said, "Wow! Look at that huge trampoline! We could never have one that big!!" :) At least we knew he liked it! They were both pretty excited when we told them that's what we were there for!

Here is their good daddy putting it together in 20 degrees after dark.

We've had cold wind and rain for the most part, but they've still bundled up to get some use out of it. Robert and I have been out there too!


Kjirstin C said...

Yay!! :) That is SO fun - and what a great daddy!

Can't wait to see those smiling faces before too long.

Linda said...

What she (KJ) said! all of it!